Released February 16, 2023


The Game Automation Tool

Now Supports Windows 11!

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ControlMyJoystick is now available as a public release, and we are looking forward to hearing from our users and how they are improving their gaming experience.
So what is ControlMyJoystick ?  
ControlMyJoystick  allows you to use voice-control and optional SpaceNavigator support in joystick-enabled PC games.  You can use it in combination with your keyboard, mouse, or even physical joysticks.  Games see ControlMyJoystick’s virtual joystick, and you can bind the buttons and axis on this virtual joystick to the gaming control inputs.
The voice control eliminates the problem of hunting for the right key or button at a critical moment.  It’s so easy, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.
The optional SpaceNavigator control gives you 6-degrees-of-freedom control, which is hugely important in simulators.  So you don’t need to find a place on your desk for a bulky joystick, just use the small SpaceNavigator and you are good to go.
We’re sure you’ll find that ControlMyJoystick makes your gaming experience better.  And that put’s a smile on our faces.