Released February 16, 2023


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We have had good feedback on the curves introduced in v3.1, so we have made the curves even…curvier.   Now you create one or more curve ‘modes’ per profile.  Each mode has it’s own curves, deadzone, trim settings for each axis.  And of course, it’s all voice activated.  
So now if you would like to have custom curves for when you are landing, you just say ‘Landing Mode’. And when you are in combat, you can have a different set of curves activated with ‘Combat Mode’.  Really handy when you are doing things that require different controller responses.  
Version Released January 3, 2015
Bug: Fonts in dialogs for inputting names, values are too small.  *Fixed.Request: Now enables/disables the axis labels in the driver status panel when translation/rotation is enabled/disabled.Request: Added voice command to reset buttons only.Request: You can now have more than one axis mode configurations, each with it’s own voice command. So you can now have a set of curves for landing, and another set for regular flight, etc.Request: You can now copy a curve to another curve.Request: You can now navigate to all six axis within the axis screen, so you don’t need to close the screen before selecting a different axis.Bug: Sometimes buttons remain pressed, as shown on the driver status display. *Fixed.Request: Removed the user interface buttons from the profiles and button lists. You can now access those functions via right-click menu.Request: You can no longer delete the last profile.  If you do, it will create a default profile.