Updated February 16, 2023


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Many thanks to all our beta-testers who put 5.3 through the paces in our three-month beta test, which just wrapped up yesterday.New bodies, tweaks and bug-fixes as well as what has to be one of the best enhancements in Nikon tethered workflows in a long time: Higher-resolution live view at 1024×768, available for the D5 and D500. Here are the release notes. Enjoy! September 5, 2016

  • Added five new bodies, added some goodies to live view and fixed some bugs. All items below are as compared to version 5.2.
  • New – Bodies: Added Nikon D7200 support
  • New – Bodies: Added Nikon D810A support.
  • New – Bodies: Added Nikon D500 support.
  • New – Bodies: Added Nikon D5 support.
  • New – Bodies: Added Nikon 1V3 support.
  • Themes – New Feature: Added theme brightness slider option.
  • Themes – Bugfix: When you select text in an edit box, the background of the selection is the wrong color (usually blue). *Fixed.
  • Themes – Bugfix: The app window briefly flashes white on app startup. *Fixed.
  • Themes – Bugfix: When the app starts, or you change themes, there is a lot of screen flashing/redraws. *Fixed.
  • Help – Bugfix: When the .html association being other than a web browser, it would cause the display of an unreadable helpfile (usually in Notepad). *Fixed. Help is now launched in a built-in html viewer, instead of the default browser.
  • Preferences – Misc: Added settings for the body communication event polling frequency, as well as the command queue delay between commands. This will be useful in fixing failed connections and connection lockups on some body/pc combinations.
  • Supported OS’s – WinXP: Windows XP is no longer supported starting with version 5.2 and higher. The last version of ControlMyNikon to support Windows XP is, and always will be version 5.1.
  • Live View Monitor – Bugfix: When opening the live view monitor from the popup menu, it sometimes creates a second, blank monitor window which should not be there. **Fixed.
  • Live View Overlay – New Feature: You can now use .png overlays, and ControlMyNikon now ships with three overlays and a template in the \overlays folder.
  • Live View Overlay – New Feature: You can now rotate overlays.
  • Live View Image Quality – New Feature: You can now set the image quality. This only affects the image that is streamed during live view and displayed on your monitor. It does not affect the captured image or movie quality or dimensions. Since Nikon live view was introduced, this has been set to 640×420 JPEG Basic. The new D5 and D500 can use JPEG Fine Quality and has an option for 1024×768. You’ll need a fast computer and USB3.0 port to stream JPEG Fine at 1024×768 due to there being up to 40 times the data being transferred compared to the lower resolutionn modes. A fast computer to be able to decode that image stream and display it quickly. The live view image size must be set when live view is not active. The setting is saved to profiles. You can find this setting under the menu item View/Live View Image Quality.
  • Shortcuts – Bugfix – If you change a shortcut and then click on the close button, it doesn’t save your changes. **Fixed.