Updated February 16, 2023


The DSLR Automation Tool

Now supports Windows 11 !

No Credit Card or Email Required

Today we have released v5.1 Final for all our users to poke, prod and enjoy.Many thanks to all our beta-testers who put it through the paces since early January. Bugs were squashed, features added. Now you can enjoy it too.

Version 5.1 uses the same product key as v5.0, so if you already have a v5.0 key, just enter it in v5.1 and you are good to go.

Version – The Highlights

  • Support for the D810 and D750.
  • Many enhancements to the batch shooting workflow.
  • Live view now shows the body roll and pitch angle. And it now has a ‘Negative’ option – great for slide shooters.
  • Multi-language support now has 64 machine-translated languages (better than nothing, but we are working on making the translations better). You can also import and export languages.
  • Adjustable User Interface font size. Now you can actually see those fonts on small monitors.
  • And numerous bug fixes and minor tweaks.