Updated February 16, 2023


The DSLR Automation Tool

Now supports Windows 11 !

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The version brings some more fixes and tweaks.  You can view the full release notes here, or see what has changed in just this version below.

Release Notes –

  • INSTALLER – Fixed bug where it wouldn’t allow installation on 32-bit Windows.
  • UI – Fixed bug where it wasn’t always possible to resize the main screen.
  • UI – Added menu option to change the main screen size or shrink it.
  • UI – Fixed bug where the background of the batch activate and some motion detection controls were white instead of the correct color.
  • STOP MOTION – Fixed bug that would display a ‘Texture Error’ texture in the GPU live view mode when the first image for the stop motion sequence had not been captured yet and live view scrubbing was enabled.
  • LIVE VIEW – In GPU mode, fixed bug when zoomed in level 2 or higher that the focus box would appear in the lower-left hand corner of the screen. It should not appear at all when zoomed since the focus point is always in the center of the image while zoomed.
  • IMAGE BROWSER – Fixed bug where you would get an ‘unable do allocate DIB’ error message.
  • HELP – Updated links to point to the correct articles in the online knowledge base.
  • DEBUG – Fixed bug where bug reporting tool does not work.