Camtasia Studio 9

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Camtasia Studio 9

Post by DevRuss » Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:31 pm

It would be great if we had a shuttle/jogwheel for video editing in Camtasia Studio 9, so let's try to use a DxWare device as a replacement.
- This profile uses a SpaceMouse Enterprise to control the playhead for video editing in Camtasia Studio 9 (haven't tried it in any other Camtasia version).

- You could also use this script on a SpaceMouse Pro but may need to use different buttons.

- You could also use a Space Navigator but you only have two buttons, so you could replace some button triggers with voice triggers.

- Or you could use a joystick.

- The RY axis is being used in Digital mode, although you may prefer RZ.

Camtasia Studio doesn't seem to support positional shuttle wheels where you can vary the forward/back speed based on the position of the shuttle, so sending simple forward or backward keystrokes is the only way.

Have fun!

Requires ControlMyJoystick 5.1 or higher and Camtasia Studio 9
Camtasia Studio 9.cmjson
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