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Railway Empire

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 4:53 am
by DevRuss
This profile can be used to scroll around the game Railway Empire and call up some game functions by voice or controller button.

You can use a joystick instead of the DxWare controller if you like.

This assumes the following key assignments in-game:
x- signal mode
W - scroll up
S - scroll down
A- scroll left
D - scroll right
Q - rotate left
E - rotate right
R- zoom in
F - zoom out

The scrolling, rotate and zoom keys are mapped to an axis in the Input/3DxWare tab. Double-click on an axis in the grid to bring up the curve editor, where you will see the digital joystick mode is enabled for that axis.

There is a deadzone set in the curves for each digital joystick axis as this makes the controller less sensitive.
Railway Empire.cmjson
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Have fun!