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Post by DevRuss » Wed Apr 03, 2019 2:21 am

  • Fixed crash caused by double-clicking on an Input DxWare or HID axis.
  • Fixed duplicate cmjson file created when renaming a profile then editing and saving profile notes.
  • Fixed crash caused by opening the profile target editor with particular combinations of running apps.
  • Adjusted the curve digital joystick mode so that it is less laggy.
  • Added keyboard driver editor dialog buttons (‘Edit…’) to the curve digital joystick dialog so now it easier to compose scroll commands.
  • Added a profile targets enabled switch to the statusbar so you no longer have to go to the menu to enable/disable targeting. Removed the ability to enabled/disable this from the menus. It is not profile-specific, so it didn’t really belong in the profile menu. This setting is used for all profiles.
  • You can now toggle the enabled/disabled state of macros, triggers and scripts by selecting a row in the grid and pressing the spacebar on the keyboard.
  • Tweaked the verbage of mouse move script commands so that they make more sense and updated Tutorial 15 – Draw an X in Microsoft Paint.
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