What is a Profile Target?

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What is a Profile Target?

Post by DevRuss » Sun Mar 31, 2019 5:29 am

To be able to send joystick buttons, mouse movements and clicks and keyboard keystrokes, you need to define Where to send them. This is known as a target.

Windows always knows where to send this input. It always sends it to the 'active' program/application/game. You see it all the time. Click on this window and your keystrokes go there. Click on that window over there and your keystrokes go there.

For each profile, you can specify which program will be the target. So when you send some text via script, it will go to that program and not any other program. If you don't specify a target, or enable the target, the input will not be sent. Well that isn't technically correct. Joystick axis data will be sent. But everything else - no.

A good way to get to know CMJ keystrokes is to output some text to Notepad. Let's try it:
1) Start up Notepad.
2) In CMJ, go to your profile in the picklist and right-click on it for a menu, or go to the Profile menu and select 'Edit Target...'.
3) Select 'Untitle - Notepad' from the list and click Ok.
4) In the same menu, put a checkmark beside 'Enable Target'.

Note: The targeted app is saved in the profile .cmjson file, but whether it is enabled or not isn't. The enabling is for all profiles, not just the current profile.

Try the following profile which uses a profile target to send a 'Hello World!' to Notepad.
My Test Profile.cmjson
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