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A couple of problems

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 10:36 pm
by OWL282820
I've been tidying up my PC and had to download a new copy of CMJ. First, I uninstalled the existing copy I had beeen using for over a year and installed Ver. as admninistrator. I now find myself stuck.
  • Since installation, I can't see Tetherscript Virtual controller in either Device Manager or joy.cpl, only 3Dconnexion KMJ Emulator.
Also, I stupidly uninstalled without copying my licence key. So I now have only an evaluation copy. My e-mail address I used to pay for the full version zzzzzzzzzz.

I'd be really grateful for any help.

Re: A couple of problems

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 5:54 am
by DevRuss
With the latest version of CMJ, there should be three Tetherscript virtual drivers (keyboard, mouse, joystick) installed. You'll need admin to install these, but normally the installer will prompt you for admin permission if you are not logged in as admin.

Best to do the CMJ install and if it fails to install the drivers, go to the CMJ installation folder /driver and run the installall.bat as admin. That should do it.

I just emailed you your product key.