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Contour Design ShuttleXpress

Post by Pierre » Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:19 am

Hope you can help me out with some strange behaviour. I have a ShuttleXpress, and would like to map the (outer) jog wheel to an analogue axis. Specifically I'd like to use it as a rudder control.

Interestingly the Contour Design software only allows you to map the wheel to digital outputs such as keystrokes. I haven't verified that it is actually an analogue control internally. ControlMyJoystick does see the device and seems to present the wheel as an analogue axis. However, with the device idle, the axis indicator on screen is jammed hard to the left, as if the calibration is cactus. From this left extremity I can only jog it slightly to the right (maybe 10% towards center).

The Shuttle is working fine for its intended purpose on other programs. I've tried adjusting trim in CMJ, and the various options to invert or re-justify the axis, with no effect. FWIW, there are no issues mapping the other (digital) functions in CMJ.

I haven't consulted the Countour Design forums, because (1) they seem abandoned and (2) analogue mapping & calibration don't seem to be on the radar there at all.

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