Basic IO issue

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Basic IO issue

Post by Chrismn » Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:29 am

Hi - just bought a 3d Spacemouse pro for Elite Dangerous, and CMJ

After my first flight test, I cannot get any joystick output from CMJ into game.

IE.. I watched all the tutorials.. I mapped the axes fine.. then next day.. no axes are working in E:D.. and no matter what I do..

I can see the input is picking up the controller; I can see that on moving the controller I switch to the game.. but no actual movement in game.

I can map the raw input (outside of CMJ) - so the device is working..

Right now, I am using the device naively (ie, with the "speed" turned up, and by mapping shortcuts for the buttons) - and bypassing CMJ all together..

There is clearly something basic going wrong - I can see all three virtual joysticks in device manager..

I play in VR through Steam VR - but so far no joy at all with CMJ - which I paid for on the back of my first flight.. please help..

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