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Version Released

Post by DevRuss » Tue Aug 03, 2021 10:40 am

It’s been a crazy year, hasn’t it? We’ve released a new version, and it adds new bodies, enhances the image browser, fixes bugs, and adds a new ASK feature to make folder/file/IPTC data entry for your images easier. Check it the release notes:

Release Notes -
- Reset the trial period so that if the trial period of a previous version had expired, you can start a new trial for 5.6.
- Added Nikon bodies: Z5, Z7II, Z6II, D6, D780. The Z6II and Z7II require latest firmware upgrade.
- Added 'old' versions of Nikon libraries for D40, D40X, D60, D80, D200 for older versions of windows in case the newer versions don't work in the most recent version of Windows 10. There is a checkbox in the preferences screen that you check to force the use of the older Nikon SDK.
- NEW FEATURE - Added @ASK1-@ASK9 tokens which allow you to enter data into the new ASK tab. This data is inserted into whereever you put the tokens (folder, filename, metadata). The configuration is stored in the profile. The @ASK data is written to each image as it is captured. You can use this to enter image data, then capture some images of a subject and have the folder/filename/metadata of those images reflect the data. Then when you are read to shoot a new subject, you enter new data and start shooting. This is different from the batch workflow in that you don't need a pre-defined database. You can make the ASK tab visible by toggling it in the View menu. You can also set a shortcut to toggle betwen the ASK tab and the previous tab.
- You can now inject tokens into the folder, filename and metadata boxes by using the small @ button above those boxes.
- Added a file path preview just below the filename box. This will show you what the path will be with the tokens you have configured.
- Fixed bug where live view may try to turn on when shutting down app, causing a crash.
- Fixed bug where then Preferences setting Live View auto-show Layers tab didn't work.
- Fixed bug where sometimes if you clicked on a tab (like a workflow or trigger tab), the tabs would start flickering.
- Changed the title bar and main menu. The program name no longer appears here, and the maximize, restore and minimize buttons are now easier to read.
- Removed the bottom battery indicator and moved it to a small battery icon on the top of screen beside the minimize button. This free's up some vertical space.
- Removed the file transfer progress bar and moved it to just under the menu's at the top of the screen. It is only visible when transferring images.
- Moved the current profile name to the Profile group header (just above the profile list).
- Moved the browser image number and name to be overlaid on the lower left part of the main image to free up vertical space. This can be toggled in the right-click image popup menu in the image browser.
- Moved the browser metadata, directory tree and histogram into collapsable panels so all can be seen at the same time without needing to flip tabs.
- Tweaked the browser histogram so that it is easier to read.
- Added a browser toolbar. This can be toggled in the right-click image popup menu in the image browser.
- Changed the main tab display (body, layers etc) now wrap the tabs if there are too many to display, instead of the previous method which showed a scroller.
- Added a new 'Minimalist1' theme that has much fewer visual elements. It allows you to turn the the theme brightness down and really looks good with zero saturation too. It makes the user interface much less distracting if you want to concentrate more on the images. Great for low-key imagery.
- Changed the default theme to 'Garnet II' with no saturation and reduced brightness, giving a nice dark black and white user interface.
- Now when you minimize, maximize and restore the screen there is a slight delay, but the screen redraw flickering has been eliminated.
- Fixed Voice Trigger bug where it would not activate speech recognition properly. If you enable speech recognition, then disable it, you'll need to restart the app before you can enable it again. This helps Windows Speech Recognition perform a proper reset.
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