Live view in Canon

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Live view in Canon

Post by pierrot » Tue Sep 22, 2020 3:41 pm


With the ControlMyCANON , live view works perfectly with my old 650d , but strange, with my recent 77d and M6MkII (which are referenced as supported) liveview is black : just a small red dot (the focus point at the very top of the screen
Strange because when going to live view, even with black screen, I can hear mirror flipping up ... focusing and taking picture ... but no image in live vie ... but can see result in browser
Any idea ?

Second point : all links are going to ControlMyNIKON , so impossible to find reference to canon gear. For example, in program a clic on "preparing your camera" ends up in Nikon stuffs ... Same for KB ... somehow frustrating ... .Still willing to support Canon ?

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