D200 not connecting

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D200 not connecting

Post by pwalker1005 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 10:33 pm

Hi ! I have a D200 and I am trying to connect to Control My Nikon and nothing works,

I have AF-S mode as Release
I have USB mode as PTP

Windows 10 is seing my D200 when i connect the USB cable.

I have the connection cable that came with the camera and it is working fine.

(I used to use tethering with Lightroom 3.0 before and it was working fine , but when I upgraded to Lightroom 5 , Lightroom does not connect anymore with older cameras and the thethering is not available for my D200)

The problem is I cannot get Control My Nikon to connect with my D200 . I have tried rebooting , reconnecting the USB to a different connector but nothing seem to make any difference .

Any solution would be greatly appreciated. I am on the trial version.

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