for the upcoming 6.0 Version

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for the upcoming 6.0 Version

Post by KFabritz » Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:15 pm

OK, the new Version 5.5 seems to be a minor update with some bug fixes and support for the Nikon "Z" Cameras.<
So here are my requests for the next version:

The bug with the .xmp - keywords, that are either not written correctly or that are not read correct by Adobe Bridge and Lightroom is not fixed.

So I write that on the feature request list:
Keywords in CMN must be well interpreted by photo software! Ths is more important than the country code :roll:

Additional my wishes:
Better support for USB / Keywedge barcode-Scanners
1. The old serials scanners are "out of date", most of the modern barcodescanners are connected by USB and are in keywedge mode. CMN is "hearing" their signal: For instance, if scanning an code starting with "00-" (when no Input field is on focus) switches the software to LiveView mode. By this, it must be possible to scan an special "escape code" like <!?!> to clear the input field, place the cursor there awaiting the next barcode data scan. Maybe this can be an keyboard shortcode as typically used in menues, but must be very special characters to avoid struggle with regular barcode-scanned characters as in Batch-IDs or similar fields.
2. If an unique code is scanned and matches, the shutter can be released immediately. Is implemented and works well if the data is scanned in the input field in batch mode, but seems not to work if scanned in the data input field within the database window. There, I have to scan the same barcode twice, then the shutter releases.

Batch mode:
The data entry / import has been improved very well a long time ago: Works very well.
But you can loose the overview, which person or artice has not been photographed by now! So, it would be be very nice to have an checkmark field in the database indicating, which person / article has been photographed.
Even a little bit better: This checkmark is set automaticly if the shutter has been released after an unique code has been scanned (as mentioned in paragraph above).
Plus an filter for checkmarked / unmarked entries.
Plus a possibiltity to uncheck an entry manually if necessary.
Makes it much easier to realise which article / person is photographed or not (and send your assistant to search for the missing scoolgirl!)

Where are the profiles stored?
I would prefer an XML File, editable and copy-able. This would give the possibility to copy the profile from an old version to an new one!
From V 5.4. to V 5.5. I had to make screenshots of 5.4 to copy my settings to 5.5, as running both versions simutaniosly is not possible (and not not necessary in normal use!).
Same with the language file: I cannot transfer it from my "try and error"-laptop to my productive PC.

Looking forward to the new version,
best greetings from Klaus Fabritz in Germany!

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Re: for the upcoming 6.0 Version

Post by DevRuss » Mon May 11, 2020 3:21 pm

Hi Klaus,

Many thanks for the suggestions for the next version, likely 5.6 this summer/early fall. These are great suggestions and it we will look at incorporating these into our next version. Some notes from your suggestions:

>>I would prefer an XML File
And so would I! I have converted some of our other software last year from the current database format to XML. That makes all sorts of things more possible, like importing/exporting and making it easier to maintain. We'll still need the database fore thumbnails though.

Batch Mode: These are excellent suggestions! We'll look at these closely, especially the 'mark the ones we've already done' item. I guess we can mark the previous line as done when you scan a different code.

>> By this, it must be possible to scan an special "escape code" like <!?!> to clear the input field, place the cursor there awaiting the next barcode data scan.
Unfortunately, this cannot work. The problem is that the scanned input will go into whatever screen control (edit box, a selected button, checkbox) is currently active, and this is an operating system limitation. Pretty well all scanners, even those that default to keyboard wedge mode (and really just emulate pressing keys on the keyboard), can be set to serial mode. And by this serial method of connection, we can know when something has been scanned and it doesn't matter if you have accidentally tabbed or selected another window control somewhere. It'll know where to put the scanned BID. This is the most bulletproof method.

>>Keywords in CMN must be well interpreted by photo software!
This is good info, and we'll look at how to improved the keyword support.

Keep those suggestions coming, Klaus!

Russ - Tetherscript Developer

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