Only getting partial frame images

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Only getting partial frame images

Post by airdonut41 » Fri May 24, 2019 5:04 pm

I'm new to Tetherscript, so hopefully I'm just making a simple mistake. I have my Nikon D610 connected and saving images. However, every image (be it live view or a saved image) is cut to a portrait and I can't get the full frame. In other words, the left and right thirds of my image never appear! Looking through the camera when not connected to the computer shows that everything is fine, but for some reason Tetherscript appears to cut off much of the image. Any ideas about what might cause this?

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Re: Only getting partial frame images

Post by DevRuss » Sat May 25, 2019 4:47 pm

ControlMyNikon receives the image as captured by the body, so the software can't do any internal image cropping on it's own. Some things to check:
1) While untethered and without the USB cable connected to the camera, try capturing an image with the camera and review it in the camera LCD display to see if it is cropped.

2) Make sure the body/lens combination does not lead to croppping - such as a non-full frame DX lens on a full-frame FX body like the D610. More info here: ... -d610.html

3) The only cropping-like thing that ControlMyNikon does is crop the image displayed in live view if you have selected an aspect ratio in the Layers tab. That only crops the image stream as shown in the live view window, but does not crop the final image.

4) Look at the EXIF data for the cropped image. What are the dimensions?

5) Try viewing the cropped image in another app like Windows photo viewer. Does it still look cropped?

Hope that helps!
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Re: Only getting partial frame images

Post by KFabritz » Mon Dec 16, 2019 9:50 am

Another fault could be to use a flash with wrong exposure time. Using a (studio)flash in any mode a exposure time shorter tha 1/250 seceond will result in an picture with an smaller or wider black half.
IF in flash photography, change to "M" setting and 1/60 exposure time and check the results, or
Try to use CMN in natural light and have a look, if the fault already is to be seen.


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