Problem with reinstalling.

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Problem with reinstalling.

Post by OWL282820 » Thu Jun 27, 2019 12:59 pm

Recently needed to do a clean install of CMJ. But the Tetherscript virtual drivers have not installed. I uninstalled the old version first. I've tried uninstalling / reinstalling several times but no luck. Log below.

Any help would be gratefully received.

SYSTEM> Starting up...
SYSTEM> Copying dist files...
SYSTEM> Loaded Profile: Default.
DEVICES> TJoysticksHid.HidCtlDeviceChange
DEVICES> TJoysticksHid.HidCtlListDeviceChange
DEVICES> Disconnecting from all targeted devices...
DEVICES> Disconnected.
DEVICES> Connnecting to targeted devices...
DEVICES> Connected to 0 devices.
3DXWARE> Driver initialized.
3DXWARE> 3DxWinCore Driver: September 19, 2018 v17.5.11
3DXWARE> 3DxWare Library: December 6, 2017 v10.1.11
3DXWARE> Connected to SpaceExplorer
3DXWARE> 4.20
3DXWARE> Enabled.
SYSTEM> Trigger UDP Server: Offline.
SYSTEM> Trigger TCP/IP Server: Offline.
DRIVER> **Cannot find the Tetherscript Virtual Joystick driver.
DRIVER> **Check the Windows Device Manager to confirm that the driver is installed and enabled.

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Re: Problem with reinstalling.

Post by DevRuss » Wed Jul 03, 2019 5:46 am

With the latest version of CMJ, there should be three Tetherscript virtual drivers (keyboard, mouse, joystick) installed. You'll need admin to install these, but normally the installer will prompt you for admin permission if you are not logged in as admin.

Best to do the CMJ install and if it fails to install the drivers, go to the CMJ installation folder /driver and run the installall.bat as admin. That should do it.
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