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No Output

Post by blackhawk8863 » Sat Dec 07, 2019 12:37 am

I am currently running the trial version of v5.1.65.80 on Windows 7 x64 fully updated. On the Input/3DxWare and Output/Joystick tabs, puck movement and button presses show as expected, with the sliders moving around as I move the puck. On the Output/Mouse tab, I can set desktop coordinates and click "Move Cursor to Coords" and the mouse moves successfully with the point I moved it to displayed in the "Sent to Mouse Driver" textbox. On the Output/Keyboard tab, with a profile target of Notepad and using the "Keystroke Editor", and clicking "Test" with the content of "Hello World.", no text is typed in notepad, and the "Log" textbox says "This log is populated only when visible." even after clicking "Test" multiple times.

I created a macro with a "[DxWare].Fit" trigger and tried the following scripts using notepad as a target, with and without notepad having focus:
-Run File "C:\Program Files (x86)\ControlMyJoystick\Batch\Test.bat" (included and excluded, notepad already running if exluded)
-Mouse Move (Driver) to [10, 10]
-Keyboard (Driver) sending "asdf"
-Keyboard Send Input Text "ASDF"

When I press the fit button on the 3D mouse:
-Notepad launches if "Run File" is included.
-Nothing new appears in Output/Keyboard textbox; continues to say "This log is populated only when visible."
-Mouse does not move location
-No text appears in notepad
-"Log" tab shows:
SCRIPT> Running Macro: SendText
SCRIPT> 0. Run file "C:\Program Files (x86)\ControlMyJoystick\Batch\Test.bat".
SCRIPT> 2. Send text via driver "asdf". Down delay is 20 ms, interkey delay is 50 ms.

Any ideas on why I'm not getting any interaction with Notepad?

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Re: No Output

Post by DevRuss » Sun Dec 15, 2019 10:07 pm

It could be that:
1) The keyboard driver isn't installed correctly. You should see it listed in the Device Manager as Tetherscript Virtual Keyboard
2) The switch to tell CMJ to change focus to the targeted app (Notepad) has not been set. Or the incorrect target is set.

Try the included Tutorial 06. It should definitely output to Notepad. If that doesn't work, then the driver likely is not working.

If the tutorial does not work, then it is likely the driver that is not installed.

For your batch file example, it looks like you have a batch file to launch notepad, then send text to it. However, CMJ needs to know the name of the app (like Notepad - Untitled) before it sends the text. So, you could make sure, in advance, that you have set the profile target, then put in a sizable delay (2000ms) after running the batch file to give it a chance to launch notepad, then send the text via driver.

You could test this further by having a separate macro to just open notepad, and a different macro for sending text to it.

Hope that helps!
Russ - Tetherscript Developer

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