After some great feedback by our HVDK users, we have added C# examples and added a Mouse Relative driver. We even threw in a Gamepad driver!

Release Notes

2.1 Final July 5, 2020

  1. Added a new Gamepad driver. This emulates a gamepad HID device. However, it does not emulate an XBOX controller.
  2. Added a new Mouse Rel driver. This allows you to move the mouse cursor relative to its current position, such as (100, 100) which moves it 100 units right and 100 units down.
  3. Renamed the Mouse driver to Mouse Abs driver. This was the original absolute coordinate driver. It has been renamed to avoid confusion with the new Mouse Rel driver.
  4. Added a new ‘Joystick Sender And Reader no JVCL’ Delphi sample app. No JV or JVCL components are required for this app.
  5. Added C# sample apps. This includes a custom class for the minimal code needed to communicate with the drivers.