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July 5, 2020

HID Virtual Driver Kit

The Easy Way to Emulate

Joystick, Keyboard and Mouse for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 64 bit

Virtual hid drivers. Now it's easy.

Includes Virtual Joystick, Keyboard and Mouse Drivers, SDK and driver distribution license.

Drivers are Boring and Complicated.

We feel your pain. We can help.


Our virtual HID device drivers have been used in our popular ControlMyJoystick product since 2014.

Gamers use ControlMyJoystick to send joystick, keyboard and mouse commands to help automate games.

Four Devices

The kit includes separate drivers for Joystick, Keyboard, Gamepad and Mouse. Use the simple script to easily install only the drivers that you need.

The keyboard driver even includes a fail-safe so that virtual keys are released if your app were to crash for some reason (that can't happen, right?)


These user-mode drivers are digitally signed with our own Tetherscript certificate (valid to 2023), so there's no need to reduce your computer's security to install them.

There's even an option to sign them with your own code signing and cross-certificates.

Have you tried developing Virtual HID Drivers?

We'll admit it. Developing these drivers wasn't easy.

This is the kit we wished we had back then.

Easy Installation

The included installation scripts installs the drivers in less than a minute. Check Windows Device Manager and there they are. Easy.

Simple SDK

Our SDK includes code examples and apps to run against each driver. You'll be up and coding in minutes.

Solid Support

Peruse our SDK and online Knowledge Base documentation. Still stumped? Check our forums and/or contact our support via email.

Future Enhancements

We'll be tweaking the drivers to maintain future Windows driver security requirements for you and our ControlMyJoystick customers.

There they are. Powerful stuff!

Your answer is behind one of these three doors.

Tutorial Videos

A great way to learn how to use the kit. Just sit back and watch us set it up and use it in games.

Knowledge Base

Lots of great articles with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the kit.


Find answers to issues and questions that others have encountered or post your own.