USB Issues


The program doesn’t require any custom drivers supplied by the body manufacturer.  Just plug in your camera via USB to your Windows PC and it works.  It has been this way since Windows XP.   Some other camera control apps require third-party USB drivers like WinUSB via the Zadig utility.  These drivers can cause connection attempts to fail.

Will this non-official USB cable work?

We only support the use of the official USB 2.0/3.0 cable that comes with the camera. Since the manufacturer supports this cable, we are pretty sure that it will work. We do not support and cannot guarantee that non-officla third-party USB cables will work properly. If you are having problems while using a third-party cable, try switching back to the official cable and try again to see if that helps.

I hate wires. Can we use the software with a wireless connection to the camera?

There are two types of wireless connection.

  1. The first uses the built-in wireless features of newer bodies or accessories that enable wi-fi for the body.  We do not support this method of wireless communication because it is not included in the official SDK.
  2. The other method is to use wireless USB transmitter/receivers.  These just replace the USB cable and are used in various industries for remote printers and other hardware where running a USB cable is not practical.  The program see the wireless USB as any other wired USB connection, however live view streaming, connectivity and image download performance may be less than a wired connection.  We do not officially support this method, although some users have reported success.

Can I run the cable through a USB hub?

No. Hubs can cause unpredictable problems. Connect directly from computer to camera.

What is the maximum length of a USB 2.0 cable?

A single cable run should be no more than 16 feet in length. You can go longer than that by using ‘Active’ USB 2.0 cables or repeaters.