Released June 3, 2020


The Tool

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ControlMyJoystick accepts triggering actions by microphone (voice commands), 3Dconnexion controller, joysticks and 3rd Party App Triggers.  When a valid trigger is detected, a macro executes one or more script commands.  The script commands can send keyboard keystrokes, mouse movements and button presses and joystick axis and button presses to a game.  You can also send a command via network UDP to a 3rd party app.

Your physical 3Dconnexion and joystick device axis data is adjusted by user-defined curves then passed through to the Tetherscript virtual joystick driver, where the data is consumed by the game as joystick axis and button data. Scripted keyboard keystrokes, mouse position and button press data are send directly to the game Tetherscript virtual keyboard and mouse drivers.