Released February 16, 2023


The Game Automation Tool

Now Supports Windows 11!

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A profile is a collection of macros, curves and joystick button definitions that you have created for a specific game. You will typically have one profile per game.

When you want to play a game, you start ControlMyJoystick and then click on the game profile in the list. You can start the game before or after you have selected your profile, and you can switch to another profile while the game is running. So, for example, in the profiles list above we have DOTA 2 Normal which you may typically use. But you also have a copy of that profile with some changes. Just click on DOTA2 Tankage and you are now using that profile.

You can manage your profiles by either right-clicking in the profile list, or by clicking on the Profile menu.

  • New – Creates a new profile with default curves and no macros or joystick button definitions.
  • Rename – Renames the currently selected profile.
  • Duplicate – Copies the currently selected profile.
  • Edit Target – Set this to the game name to allow the auto-activation of the game when a macro or controller movement is detected in ControlMyJoystick. This is great when you are playing a game in a window and tend to switch to other windows to surf, do email etc. You will need to enable targeting (slider switch at the bottom of the screen), and have a valid target for most script commands to work.
  • Import – Imports a ControlMyJoystick-generated .cmj file which contains the information contained in a single profile. This file is converted to a .cmjson file, which was introduced in version 5.
  • Backup – Allows you to enable automatic profile backups which will be backed up when you shut down the program.
  • Explore – Opens up Windows Explorer in the profile storage folder and selects the profile file.
  • Delete – Removes the currently selected profile. All curves, macros and joystick button definitions for that profile will also be deleted. You cannot undo a delete.

Backing up and Importing Profiles

To back up your profiles, click on Backup and each profile will be saved as a .cmjson file. You can then later re-import these by dropping those files in the Profiles folder. You can find this folder by selecting Explore in the menu.

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