Released June 3, 2020


The Game Automation Tool

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Sending Us Bug Reports

If ControlMyJoystick crashes, this window is displayed along with a lot of good debug information instead of a cryptic windows error message.  Our developers can use this information to troubleshoot the issue and get it fixed.

  • Send Bug Report – Click this and enter your name and email address and it will attempt to send this bug report along with a screenshot of ControlMyJoystick using you default email application.  It will be sent to support@tetherscript.com.
  • Save Bug Report –  Saves the report to a file so that you can email it later on.  Please send all bug reports to support@tetherscript.com.
  • Close Application – Click this and it will shut down ControlMyJoystick.  It has to be shut down after the error dialog is displayed.

To see this window without having to wait for a bug to happen, you can force an error by going to the help/about menu item and opening the about window.  Press F12 on your keyboard and it will generate a harmless error and cause the debug window to come up.