The Burst workflow will capture images as fast as possible, without image transfer to the PC happening after each image, but rather at the end of the burst.

To Capture a Burst.

  • Set the body in Continuous mode.
  • Connect to the camera.
  • Go to the Workflow menu and select ‘Burst’.
  • Put a checkmark beside ‘Enabled’;
  • Select the number of shots to capture during the burst. The number that you can capture depends on the card memory available, and the body model that you are using.
  • Press the ‘Capture’ button to start capturing the bracket.
  • If you have checked the ‘Subfolders’ checkbox, The captured images will be put in a subfolder of the current folder with a format of ‘Burst_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS’ and the filenames will have a counter starting at zero for each set captured. – If you unchecked the ‘Subfolders’ checkbox, the files will be places in a folder called ‘Burst’ and the image filenames will use the current filename setting.
  • Note: The first captured image will not change the focus, but the subsequent captures in the burst will try to phase autofocus before each shot. Not sure why Nikon does this. You can get around this by disabling Autofocus on the body, usually via the AF/MF switch..