Capturing Images

You to adjust certain camera settings and initiate image capture by the following methods.

  • Press the shutter release button on the camera body.
  • Click the Capture, Shoot or AF and Shoot button.
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Web Trigger
  • Sound Trigger
  • Speech Trigger
  • TCP/IP Trigger
  • Live View Motion Trigger
  • HDR Workflow
  • Pulse Workflow
  • Burst Workflow
  • Batch Workflow
  • Time-lapse Workflow
  • Stop-Motion Workflow
  • Long Exposure Workflow
  • Focus Stacking Workflow


The camera settings that you can adjust in ControlMyNikon are stored in a profile. This profile can be reloaded at a later time to save you making all those adjustments again.

Storing Images

Certain cameras can save images to the memory card as well as computer. If you camera can do this, the ‘Save to’ settings box will be enabled below the Filename field in the Body tab.

File and Folder Names

You can set the image file and folder names in File and Folder fields in the Settings tab.


You can save additional information into the image metadata fields by entering it into the Metadata tab.

Reviewing Captured Images

You can view your images in an internal or external image browser.