You can capture a series of images of varying exposure so that you can combine them in third-party software to create HDR images.

Capturing Images for HDR

  1. Connect to the camera.
  2. Go to the Workflow menu and select ‘HDR’.
  3. Put a checkmark beside ‘Enabled’;
  4. Add one or more shutter speeds to the bracket list.
  5. Press the ‘Capture’ button to start capturing the bracket.
  6. If you have checked the ‘Subfolders’ checkbox, The captured images will be put in a subfolder of the current folder with a format of ‘bracket_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS’ and the filenames will have a counter starting at zero for each set captured. If you unchecked the ‘Subfolders’ checkbox, the files will be places in a folder called ‘bracket’ and the image filenames will use the current filename setting.
  7. Note: Bulb accuracy is approx 300ms. HDR captures during live view will disable live view, capture the images, then re-enable live view.