Navigating the User Interface

By default, ControlMyNikon starts up in a single window. You can tweak the appearance by moving the image browser and/or live view to other windows and monitors and adjusting panel widths and heights in each window.

A mouse and keyboard is required for navigation as ControlMyNikon has not been optimized for touch screens.

Multi-monitor Support

You can run on a single monitor, but you can increase your workflow efficiency with a second or third monitor.  To drag the image browser and/or live view window to a separate monitor, go to the View menu and use the detach function.  To combine it back into a single window, use the reattach function.

The Extra Live View Monitor Window

You can get a second live view window without any live view layers by going to the View menu and selecting Live View Monitor while live view is running.  You can drag this window to another monitor if needed.

The Extra Image Browser Viewer Window

You can get a second image browser window which shows only the large image by right-clicking on the main image in the image browser and selecting ‘Show in Viewer’.  You can then drag this window to another monitor.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can save a lot of time by configuring shortcuts for commonly-used actions.  Some of these are set by default, such as using the Spacebar key to toggle between live view and the image browser.  To set a shortcut, check out the Keyboard Shortcuts article.

Check out this video which shows how it all works.