Post-processing with Batch Files

You can send a newly captured image or an existing image to be processed by a batch file. This allows the copying or launching of external applications with the file folder, name and extension as batch parameters.

Configuring the Batch File

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Enter the following
COPY %1 c:\1\%2
  1. Save the notepad file as ‘TESTBATCH.BAT’ in a folder of your choice.
  2. In ControlMyNikon’s Preferences screen, go to the Misc tab and put a check-mark beside ‘Auto-launch batch file after image capture’.
  3. Use the Browse button to find the batch file you just created.
  4. Connect to your camera and capture an image. You will see the batch file run after the image has been saved.
  5. In this batch file example, we are just showing the first, second and third parameters which are full path, filename and extension.
  6. The batch file then attempts to copy the image file to c:\1\.
  7. In a real batch file, you would remove the PAUSE so the dos window closes automatically.
  8. You can also run this batch file on an existing image in the image browser by selecting ‘Run Batch File’ from the thumbstrip popup menu.