virtual mouse

HID – Release Notes

Release Notes 2.1 Final July 5, 2020 Added a new Gamepad driver. This emulates a gamepad HID device. However, it does not emulate an XBOX controller. Added a new Mouse Rel driver. This allows you to move the mouse cursor relative to its current position, such as (100, 100) which moves it 100 units right …

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HID – Subscribing

Subscribing Can I get a subscription refund? No, with no exceptions. Be sure you try HVDK Standard before you buy a subscription to HVDK Professional. Once you have received HVDK Professional, our unsigned driver files are out there, so we take some degree of risk. What is the duration of the subscription? One year. Why …

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HID – Requesting Support

Requesting Support I have a question.  Who do I ask? We are happy to answer any questions, bug reports or observations you may have.  Just fill in the support form on the Support page. You don’t need to create an account or have purchased the software to create a support ticket.  We will respond to …

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Coming Soon!

After a ton of requests, we are excited to announce our Windows HID Virtual Driver Kit will be available soon.  Now you’ll be able to emulate a physical joystick, keyboard and mouse.  Check back soon!