We are really happy to announce ControlMyCanon version 5.4.  It is a massive upgrade from version 4.3 and contains all sorts of new features.  Many thanks to all our beta testers who put it through it’s paces!

So, what is new in 5.4?  A lot.  Tons.  The best way to understand what is changed is to download the free 14-day trial, and then open up the “What’s New‘ tutorial video that we made from ControlMyNikon 5 when it was upgraded from 4.3.

ControlMyCanon and ControlMyNikon are almost identical and are based on the same code, so the ControlMyNikon help and tutorials will help you get to know the new ControlMyCanon.  We’ll have new dedicated help and knowledge base for ControlMyCanon here soon.

Please note that your version 4.3 ControlMyCanon product key will not work in version 5.x, as it requires a new key.  For our customers who purchased version 4.3 in the last several months, we will provide a free Standard product key for 5.4.  Just email us your current 4.3 key and the email address you used to purchase 4.3 and we will send you the 5.4 key.

Have fun!