The version brings some more fixes and tweaks.  ControlMyCanon now has online help files and the links on this website and the app now point at the help.  You can view the full release notes here, or see what has changed in just this version below.

Release Notes –

  • LICENSING – Fixed URL for Purchase button on splash screen.
  • INSTALLER – Fixed bug where it wouldn’t allow installation on 32-bit Windows.
  • UI – Fixed bug where it wasn’t always possible to resize the main screen.
  • UI – Added menu option to change the main screen size or shrink it.
  • UI – Fixed bug where the background of the batch activate and some motion detection controls were white instead of the correct color.
  • HELP – There is now a dedicated ControlMyCanon knowledge base and help system.
  • HELP – Updated links to point to the correct articles in the online knowledge base.
  • LIVEVIEW – Fixed bug where sometimes the Depth of Field Preview setting would not be applied.
  • LIVEVIEW – Recorded movies now automatically transfer to the PC.
  • IMAGE BROWSER – Fixed bug where you would get an ‘unable do allocate DIB’ error message.
  • DEBUG – Fixed bug where bug reporting tool does not work.