Released February 16, 2023


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Now Supports Windows 11!

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Beta was fun.  Beta was crazy.  And now it’s over.  Enjoy the latest and greatest ControlMyJoystick!  Check out the full release notes here, or the notes for this version below: March 1 2018 (current release)
Note: Update your 3DxWare10 version to 10.5.5 or higher.

– Fixed bug where you would get a ‘Error reading ttcSAPI541.Microphones.Strings’ error.
– Fixed bug where digital joystick character assigments would not be imported correctly.
– Fixed bug where the digital joystick would emit a character stream immediately after switching profiles.
– Fixed bug where the user interface would be scaled poorly on high-dpi monitors with Windows scaling greater than 100%.
– Removed the x0.00, x1.00, x3.00 labels from the curve editor.
– Tweaked the theme setup window to make it easier to browse the available themes.
– Removed the configurable user interface scaling options. It now scales automatically.
– Updated to the latest code-signing certificate.