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Based on our user feedback and lots of more testing, we have tweaked ControlMyJoystick to add some new features and fixed some bugs. November 11 2018
Note: Update your 3DxWare10 version to 10.5.5 or higher.
– Renamed the Output menu item to Joystick and submenu items for binding Joystick driver axis and buttons. You need to ensure that you have enabled profile targeting and set a target for the current profile. This is an alternate method to the microphone method of binding, which you can still do if you want to.
– Tweaked the UI in the left sidebar to make it easier to manage profiles.
– Added Tap sensitivity and min and max time between taps to the DxWare configuration screen.
– Added a app shutdown progress indicator to let you know to wait, since shutting down speech recognition can take a while to uninitialize.
– An automatic app shutdown now occurs if you change the settings in the voice configuration dialog. You will need to restart the app. This is done to ensure proper handling of the speech recognition engine.
– Reduced the delay that could occur when switching between profiles while voice is enabled.
– Fixed a ‘Device cannot be opened’ error that some users encountered.
– You can now disable the DxWare setup commands via checkbox in the voice tab. Disabling the setup commands when they are no longer needed will increase the voice recognition accuracy and speed.
– Fixed the Joystick button Test menu item so that it now actually sends the simulated joystick button press to the driver.
– Added detailed error logging for 3DxWare.