Released June 3, 2020


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WASD Much?  Good.  Games that require scrolling around the screen often wind up using W-Up, A-Left, S-Down, D-Right for key mappings.

With this new release, you can now use your 3Dxconnexion controller to scroll around.  It’s much easier on the wrist.  To set it up, just edit an axis curve and click on the new ‘Digital’ button.   Digital – as in a digital joystick. You can actually map any of the six axis for scrolling, so you will be able to do some pretty cool stuff.

Here’s the release notes, and the full release note history is over here. June 7, 2017

  • Added WASD support for 3Dconnexion controllers.  This allows you to use the controller as a digital joystick.  Configure it by clicking the new ‘Digital…’ button in the curve editor.