Released June 3, 2020


The Game Automation Tool

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Many thanks to our users for the feedback and bug reports!  We have released a new version today,and you can check out the release notes here, or read them below.  Happy gaming! Jun 29 2017

  • Fixed a bug that happened when you clicked on the Macro run button, which would not run the macro.
  • Added a Trigger Summary panel on the sidebar which shows a quick reference command reference for your macros.
  • You can now export one or more profiles to a .cmj file format.  Use this as a way to back up or share your profiles with other users.
  • You can now import one or more .cmj files.  Use this as a way to restore backed-up or shared profiles.
  • Added a way to select a microphone in the voice configuration screen.
  • You can now send special characters in digital joystick mode like right arrow keys etc.