Released February 16, 2023


The Game Automation Tool

Now Supports Windows 11!

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More fixes and feature additions in this release, including a new app target feature.Check out the full release notes here, or read below. Jun 30 2017

  • The full app version is now displayed on the titlebar.
  • Exporting and backing up profiles now checks whether the save-to path is valid and tries to re-create the directory if it is missing.
  • Fixed a a bug where an exported profile could cause the script to be saved in the wrong sequence.
  • You can now duplicate a macro along with it’s triggers and scripts.
  • You can now automatically switch to the game when sending control inputs to it.  This allows you to run a game in windowed mode and when necessary, use another app (browser, email etc).  When you execute a macro or move the 3Dconnexion controller, the target window will be made active before the commands are sent to the game.  This eliminates the need to click on the game again before sending ControlMyJoystick commands and axis data to the game.  It’s great if you need to multi-task on multiple monitors when gaming.  In the profile menu, select Edit Target and select the game window title in the list.  You can enable targeting for all profiles by checking the ‘Enable Targets’ in the profile menu.
  • You can now mute voice commands with a controller keypress.  This is useful if you don’t use a voice prefix and don’t want a regular conversation to accidentally trigger a macro.  You can configure this in the Input/Voice menu.  When muted, a large red ‘Voice Muted’ banner is displayed above the macro list.
  • The log now only shows the most recent 500 lines.