Updated February 16, 2023


The DSLR Automation Tool

Now supports Windows 11 !

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White Balance. It’s one of those things that needs to be correct and it can be a pain if you forget to calibrate it.Fortunately, ControlMyNikon makes it easy. Just follow these easy steps, or check out this free tutorial video.

  1. Get a grey or white card. These are specially created so that there are no other colors present. You could use a white shirt, but is it truly white? Same with photocopy/printer paper which often has blue added. If it isn’t truly grey or white, the white balance will be off. I use a card that folds up really small.
  2. Use that exact same light that you will use in your shoot. If you don’t, your white balance will likely be off.
  3. Hold the card so that it completely fills the viewfinder.
  4. Open the ‘Calibrate WB’ window in the ControlMyNikon tools menu and follow the instructions. The white balance will be saved to the preset that you chose.
  5. That’s it! The white balance is now correct.