Updated February 16, 2023


The DSLR Automation Tool

Now supports Windows 11 !

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The built-in image browser has many features to allow you to examine your captured images.Check out these tips to help you refine your review workflow.

  1. Detach it. Then drag the image browser to a different monitor if you have one. Really handy for keeping live view up in one monitor, and reviewing on the other monitor (or projector).
  2. Search it. This will search the filename and IPTC data. You can also set it to search subfolders.
  3. Magnify it. Double-clicking or a right-click on the image will bring up a magnifier that you can drag around and control the magnification with the mouse wheel or hotkeys.
  4. Inspect it. When you move your mouse over the image, the pixel under the cursor will be shown in the histogram. Use this to explore the exposure, and don’t forget to click on the histogram to change channels.
  5. Get crazy with the thumbstrip. You can add additional information such as the histogram, IPTC and EXIF data to the thumbnail display. Customize it to your needs by right-clicking on the thumbstrip.

Be sure to watch the Image Browser tutorial video below, and have fun!