Voice Command

You can trigger the shutter with with a spoken word by using the Sound Trigger. It uses Windows Speech Recognition.

Initial one-time setup

  1. Shut down ControlMyNikon.
  2. Plug your microphone into your computer.
  3. Configure the microphone in the Windows control panel Sound applet.
  4. Configure and train the speech recognition using the control panel Speech Recognition applet.
  5. Once you have confirmed it is working, shut down the control panel applet.

Setting the Trigger

  1. Go to the Triggers menu and select ‘Speech’.
  2. In the Speech tab, put a checkmark beside ‘Enabled’. It will use the default microphone (as defined in the Control Panel, Sound applet).
  3. Select a microphone from the list.
  4. Select a language from the list.
  5. Set the detection threshold.  Higher values ensure higher accuracy.  Too high of value will cause detection to fail altogether.  92 is a good value for native English speakers.
  6. Set a prefix to help reduce false positives.  You could set the prefix of ‘computer’ so that you need to say ‘computer’ before your chosen phrase.
  7. Speak one of the words or phrases listed and confirm that the action was performed.


  • Some microphones are more sensitive than others.
  • Take the time to properly train the speech recognition to recognize your particular voice and speech patterns. This makes a huge difference in the recognition accuracy.
  • Use word or phrases with a distinct sound to make the recognition as accurate as possible.
  • You can create customize the word or phrase for each action. Just double-click the command and enter the word you would like to speak to activate the action.