Web Browser

You can control many program features with commands issued by a web page. It can use any device that has a browser.

Setting the Trigger

  1. Go to the Triggers menu and select ‘Web’.
  2. In the Web tab, set the IP Address and Port for the web server. ControlMyNikon has a built-in web server and this is the address and port it will listen to for commands.
  3. Select from the list of available commands. Each command will have it’s own button on the web page.
  4. Put a checkmark beside Enable.
  5. Press the Test button. This will open a web browser on your computer.
  6. Click a button on the web page and confirm that the desired command occurred.


  • In the browser, use the URL ‘’ to connect to the web server.
  • is always the address of the computer you are using. You can use this address if you are running the web browser on the same computer that ControlMyNikon is running on. If the web browser is not on the same computer as ControlMyNikon, such as when you load the web page from a smartphone, you will need to use the real IP address of the computer. Use the command prompt and IPCONFIG to find this address.