focus stacking

Focusing Issues

Focusing Issues When I press the ‘Shoot’ button while not in live view, it tries to autofocus first even though I don’t want that. How do I prevent it from focusing first? This is caused by the body being set to require focus before shooting and is due to an incorrect autofocus mode. See the …

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Focus Never Changes

Focus Stacking: Focus Never Changes Question: ‘I tried focus stacking, but the focus does not change.  It’s all the same focus.  How do I fix this?’. Answer: This is due to an incorrect focus mode on the body.Set it to the mode where focus is not attempted or required to capture an image in live …

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Dev’s Desk #3: Tweaking the Filmstrip

So you have some images and you want to be able to quickly browse them. It’s easy with ControlMyNikon’s filmstrip.There is a filmstrip in the image browser which in which you can control which information is shown for each image, and there is even a separate filmstrip in the workflows tab.

Version 5.2. More Goodness.

Many thanks to our v5.2 beta testers who really put 5.2 through its’ paces.Bugs fixed. New features added like D5500 support, Bulb workflow, Pulse workflow, and a focus stacking fast preview mode that is really handy. So our work is done here, until the next release of course.