HID – Driver Signing

Driver Signing Why do Drivers Need to be Signed? Microsoft has gradually increased the security around drivers and has for some time now required that drivers need to be signed before they can be installed. There are workarounds for installing unsigned drivers, such as disabling driver integrity checks, booting into test mode, or using the …

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HID – The HVDK Drivers

The HVDK Drivers User-mode vs Kernel-mode Drivers HVDK drivers are User-Mode drivers. A user-mode driver runs in its own private virtual address space, so it runs in isolation from other user-mode applications. A user-mode driver is very much like a regular application like Notepad.exe, except that it is a driver. The advantage user-mode drivers are …

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HID – Installing

Installing Where can I download the installation file? You can get the official HVDK Standard installer from this website.  Don’t get it from anywhere else as it will not be the official, unaltered release. You will get a link to download the official HVDK Professional installer when you purchase a subscription. Is the file safe? …

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