macros Final Released!

Time for some fixes: Final June 3, 2020 An attempt to fix the ‘Device cannot be opened’ and ‘Device cannot be identified’ crash bugs. Tweaked the bug reporting dialog so now the bug report is automatically copied to your clipboard. An email address is shown in the dialog to send the bug report to … Final Released! Read More »

New Tutorials and KB articles

We have updated the knowledge base and added new tutorial videos covering curves, digital joystick emulation, sending text and using joysticks.  All documentation is now up to date for the latest version 5.3.

CMJ – Macros

Macros A profile can contain one or more macros. A macro consists of one or more script commands and one or more triggers. When the macro is triggered, the macro will run and each script command will be executed. You can run multiple macro’s simultaneously and even have a macro call other macros. This allows …

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