CMJ – Scripts

Scripts A macro can contain one or more script commands. When a macro is triggered, each script command is executed in order from top to bottom. Script commands typically send joystick button presses, keyboard key presses, mouse button presses and mouse axis data to the game. Some script commands don’t send anything to the game …

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CMJ – Game Compatibility

Game Compatibility ControlMyJoystick emulates a real joystick, keyboard and mouse. Most games will see these as real hardware devices, but some game developers may attempt to restrict access to these devices. The only way to know for sure is to try it. Joysticks ControlMyJoystick can take axis position data from a 3Dconnexion controller or joystick, …

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CMJ – Architecture

Architecture ControlMyJoystick accepts triggering actions by microphone (voice commands), 3Dconnexion controller, joysticks and 3rd Party App Triggers.  When a valid trigger is detected, a macro executes one or more script commands.  The script commands can send keyboard keystrokes, mouse movements and button presses and joystick axis and button presses to a game.  You can also …

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Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements Which hardware do I need? Keyboard Mouse USB port for connecting to your camera. Monitor with minimum 1024 x768 resolution. 4 GB ram minimum 120 MB hard drive space. Any modern Intel or AMD 32 or 64 bit CPU. Optionally,  a microphone, Powerpoint remote, StackShot, DSUSB. Generally speaking, if your PC can run …

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More beta testing, more fixes! Fixed crash caused by double-clicking on an Input DxWare or HID axis. Fixed duplicate cmjson file created when renaming a profile then editing and saving profile notes. Fixed crash caused by opening the profile target editor with particular combinations of running apps. Adjusted the curve digital joystick mode so that … Beta Released Read More »