Version Released

It’s been a crazy year, hasn’t it?  We’ve released a new version, and it adds new bodies, enhances the image browser, fixes bugs, and adds a new ASK feature to make folder/file/IPTC data entry for your images easier.  Check it out, and don’t forget to read the Release Notes.

CMN – About Nikon

About Nikon Are you affiliated with Nikon? No. We have no relationship with Nikon whatsoever other than using their excellent SDK.

Dev’s Desk #3: Tweaking the Filmstrip

So you have some images and you want to be able to quickly browse them. It’s easy with ControlMyNikon’s filmstrip.There is a filmstrip in the image browser which in which you can control which information is shown for each image, and there is even a separate filmstrip in the workflows tab.

Dev’s Desk #2: Fun with Histogram Data

Histograms. Pretty well indispensable if you ask me. You shoot, then you review the exposure with a histogram.Many of us do it during post-processing, but you can really save yourself a lot of time if you do it before you shoot. Yes, I said before.

V5.1 Final. Get yours today!

Today we have released v5.1 Final for all our users to poke, prod and enjoy.Many thanks to all our beta-testers who put it through the paces since early January. Bugs were squashed, features added. Now you can enjoy it too.