speech recognition

CMJ – OLE Error

OLE Error Issue You get an OLE Error when you start up ControlMyJoystick.  It usually mentions the microphone. Solution This error occurs if you do not have speech recognition set up in the Windows Control Panel.  To set up speech recognition, you may need to install a language pack from Microsoft for your language.  Then …

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CMJ – Voice Commands

Voice Commands How does it work? ControlMyJoystick’s voice control uses Microsoft’s built-in Speech Recognition to recognize your words spoken through a microphone. Once a valid word or phrase is recognized, you can have ControlMyJoystick run a macro that can sends keyboard, joystick or mouse commands to a game. For example, you could have a voice …

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CMN – Voice Command

Voice Command You can trigger the shutter with with a spoken word by using the Sound Trigger. It uses Windows Speech Recognition. Initial one-time setup Shut down ControlMyNikon. Plug your microphone into your computer. Configure the microphone in the Windows control panel Sound applet. Configure and train the speech recognition using the control panel Speech …

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