voice commands

CMJ – Triggers

Triggers A macro can contain one or more triggers. A Trigger is something that would cause the macro to run. Examples of triggers are voice command, iOS or Android App, joystick or 3Dconnexion controller keydown/keyup/keycombo or externally generated app triggers. You can manage your triggers by either right-clicking in the trigger list, or by clicking …

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CMJ – Voice Commands

Voice Commands How does it work? ControlMyJoystick’s voice control uses Microsoft’s built-in Speech Recognition to recognize your words spoken through a microphone. Once a valid word or phrase is recognized, you can have ControlMyJoystick run a macro that can sends keyboard, joystick or mouse commands to a game. For example, you could have a voice …

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CMJ – Game Compatibility

Game Compatibility ControlMyJoystick emulates a real joystick, keyboard and mouse. Most games will see these as real hardware devices, but some game developers may attempt to restrict access to these devices. The only way to know for sure is to try it. Joysticks ControlMyJoystick can take axis position data from a 3Dconnexion controller or joystick, …

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